What is the role of Row-level air conditioning

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What is the role of Row-level air conditioning

Post by Admin on Mon Feb 06, 2017 9:32 pm

Many people know that each data center air conditioning system has two important functions, providing the total cooling capacity and cooling airflow will be allocated to the IT load For room-level, row-level air conditioning and cabinet-level cooling effect, the first The function is to provide the total cooling capacity of the function is the same, whether it is room-level refrigeration system or cabinet and design, providing the function of the various technologies are the same, the main difference between these cooling methods is its second key Function, that is, the distribution of cold air to the load, and the current limit in the cable, and as part of the design clearly different distribution of electricity.

in-row Air Conditioner in the design, they are considered dedicated to some of the cabinets and some important databases, and it and some traditional refrigeration compared to the air flow path is relatively short, more specific degree of specificity, in addition, its circulation Of the predictability is relatively high, in addition to refrigeration performance, the row-level cooling there are many advantages, such as shorter airflow path, reducing the fan power, thereby improving the cooling efficiency, the advantages of very important , Because it is particularly important to reduce the loss of fan power for many smaller data centers.

Row-level air conditioning, its cooling system, easy to plan for any power density, cooling capacity can be shared, it has a very good flexibility, and system availability is also very stable, to meet the cooling needs, and can be eliminated, or Reduce the amount of planning and engineering, but also for the maintenance of air conditioning performance is also very easy to maintain, in addition to the use of the interface menu for inspection, can be very easy to provide real-time forecasting failure analysis, so for our maintenance work has played a very Big role, so that we can reduce a lot of time.


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